About Me

Nikoletta, yes that's my name! I do like being called Nikola. You could say I'm a Fashion freak, different or to put it nicer way creative or...... A Fashion Enthusiast. This blog is all about Fashion! I have always being a fashion enthusiast, started off with drawing different dresses on princesses back in nursery/reception whilst refusing to wear pink jeans and it all developed into me loving fashion and being a proud owner of this blog.

Fashion isn't just a piece of fabric hanging on a hanger in store, then in your wardrobe. It isn't about the place you get it from or the prices you pay for it, it's about the way you style it. The way you have a communication with fashion. Fashion is something more special than just clothes you wear, it's a way of living and understanding making me (and you) the people we all are individual. Fashion is a lifestyle that I love and would never give up.

For all people out there that have bag and sunglasses displays, jewellery hanging all over the place, book cases/shelves for shoes not books and rails full of clothing will understand me. Understand me perfectly and hopefully enjoy this blog as much as I enjoy creating content for it! <3


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