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Goodbye Winter

I hope everyone is well and that everything is working out amazing for you all. I have been away for a bit and I am going to blame it on education because it has kept me so busy it is unreal. I have decided to pop back onto here and begin to slowly add more content so that I get back on track with regular posts. It was positive to see that even though I was away for really long I have still had a decent amount of page views so thank you to everyone that has been looking at things I've posted in the past. Strangley I had noticed that ever since I started slacking when it comes to blogging, my grades went down as well. Coincidence? Possibly.

 These photos were taken a while back, that explains the layers and whatever else might hint at it even though I must admit the sun was lovely. Throughout winter I was found wearing that scarf every day, just because it was so thick and kept me warm. I have no idea how a couple of year ago I was fine in a blazer and now a ton of layers can'…

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